For many successful people, a Family Office is an unachievable target without a minimum of $50M in net worth; Excelstra provides the Formula and Tools that can grant you access to the same strategies with three engagement solutions delivered by:


The only A-to-Z, step-by-step System and Mentoring program that delivers awareness, confidence and tailored plans to build financial security for hundreds of clients.



Set yourself up for financial success, stability, and security with a PROVEN SYSTEM.



The Diamond Level Program is designed for Business Owners and Executives with Net Worth of $2M+



The Gold Program is for Successful Business Owners & Executives



The Copper Level Program is designed for Higher Income Professionals and Start-up Businesses
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Eunicia Peret, CEO & Founder

Wealth Strategist, Speaker, CEO and Consultant to Success Seekers

Excellence and Strength is what defines our firm. Created from the idea of “Lead to Success” and onwards to achieving Excellence. We provide clients access to Strategies, Tactics and Mentorship to set their Financial Future in stone and spark massive life and business growth opportunities.  At Excelstra, we set the standard for achieving Financial Excellence. 


Welcome to Excelstra! We are a leading wealth strategy and empowerment firm dedicated to helping high income, high net worth individuals and successful business owners achieve financial freedom and success. Formerly known as “The Empowered Financial Planner,” we have rebranded as Excelstra to reflect our commitment to excellence and the extraordinary results we deliver to our clients.

Backed by the Expert Team Quarterback Approach ®

Enabled by The Wealth Freedom Formula®

Your Wealth Deserves to Be Optimized

The Wealth Freedom Formula:

Excelstra’s customized hands-on wealth strategy consulting program offers end-to-end wealth optimization strategies that have historically only been leveraged by the ultra-wealthy.  Our tried-and-true methodology and personalized approach delivered significant bottom line improvements to hundreds of clients. 

Reduce Taxes

The more we earn, the higher the taxes we should pay... False! What we know is that whether you are a successful Business Owner or Executive making $300K+ per year, you are likely paying more in taxes than you should.

Optimize Wealth

Your money should be working harder for you not for someone else. Our clients know - there are huge benefits to understanding the full spectrum of options, investing in alignment to who they are and being able to minimize risks.

Enhance Income Streams

Regardless of income levels, the fear of not being secure in retirement is real. Advance planning is required to ensure the accumulation and distribution phases work towards the common goal of maximizing income streams.

Maximize Exit Strategy

Whether you are planning for a business exit, retirement or your legacy - customized strategies are required to maximize the value of our hard-earned assets, minimize taxes and risk exposure, and enhance post exit lifestyle.
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We understand that everyone’s financial journey is unique. That's why we offer personalized coaching consulting programs that are custom tailored to address your specific needs and goals.

Our primary goal is to know that our clints are empowered. We equip you with the necessary tools, strategies, knowledge, and mindset to make informed decisions to achieve optimized wealth creation.

We know you don’t want to feel left alone, and our approach is designed to provide customized support at every step along the way.  Lack of support costs individuals hundreds of thousands and even millions in accumulation, excessive fees and taxes.

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Optimize Your Personal and Your Business Bottom line

While we know what written words are a hard leap between strategy and actualization, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge about vast number of strategies that can help you make the most of your money, your portfolio, and your wealth and legacy creation efforts

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Regardless of status or financial accomplishment, the number one fear we see across new clients is the fear of outliving money and in many cased the potential inability to leave a legacy.

The Wealth Freedom Formula was developed out of the need and desire to help clients avoid typical pitfalls and blind spots created by the Financial Services Industry. It is the only A-to-Z, step-by-step System and Mentoring program that has given hundreds of clients the awareness, confidence and truly customized plans to build financial empowerment.”

We are a trusted resource and partners to some of the most amazing minds in the Financial advisory industry.  We believe in doing things differently because our clients simply deserve the best approaches, methodologies and insights.”

“This is a typical questions and having worked with hundreds of clients, our approach is designed for you as the client to feel empowered and in control to call the shots while at the same time not feeling like you are alone.”

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