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Excelstra – Leading the way for Wealth Creation.

Excelstra means Excellence and Strength. Created from the idea of “Lead to Success” and onwards to achieving Excellence. Get the Strategies, Tactics and Mentorship to set your Financial Future in stone and to spark massive growth in your life and business.  At Excelstra, we set the standard for achieving Financial Excellence.

Welcome to Excelstra! We are a leading wealth strategy and empowerment firm that is dedicated to helping high income and high net worth individuals and successful business owners achieve financial freedom and success. Formerly known as “The Empowered Financial Planner,” we have rebranded as Excelstra to reflect our commitment to excellence and the extraordinary results we deliver to our clients.


Excelstra’s goal and purpose is to offer Specialized Training, Mentorship and Proven Strategies for Wealth Creation and Protection. Excelstra focuses on personal success development strategies and business coaching methodologies which 100’s of clients have used to date to surpass traditional portfolio growth strategies, allowing them to join the elite 0.1%.  With a unique “Quarterback Approach”, Excelstra provides the practical support and coaching you need to completely understand your Wealth Creation Efforts and how to get from where you are to extremely successful in a short period of time.  This is achieved by receiving the right training, at the right time, in a truly customized way

Wealth preservation & Growth at our core…

The cornerstone of our wealth empowerment program is the Wealth Freedom Formula. This formula encompasses a holistic approach to wealth creation via various aspects such as Tax Savings, Cost Savings, Investments, Debt and Cashflow Management, and Financial Planning. By implementing our exclussive formula, you will gain a clear understanding of your financial position and how it alignes to your long term goals, develop effective strategies, and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

Our unique program is focused on business and personal financial growth, expanding your knowledge and wealth exponentially and is focused on Business Owners, High Income and High Net Worth Individuals.  The program provides the training and coaching to truly understand your financial position and how to grow your finances using the elite methods typically only available to the top 0.1%.  In addition to that, we combine our approach with strategies used by banks and financial giants worldwide, but in this case, the focus is on your growth, not theirs.  

Standing out from every Wealth Management Course or Training out there today is the proprietary “Quarterback Approach”.  This approach is unique to Excelstra and was created by Eunicia Peret to make this program a truly one of a kind. The “Quarterback Approach” is where Eunicia and her team provide personal one-on-one support, coaching and mentoring not only throughout your consulting and training experience, but through implementation and beyond.  On average you retain less than 20% of the information typically received during training, our approach allows you to absorb and retain 100% of the information discussed in bite sized chunks for the 3 to 12 months of the consulting and training period.  This means that instead of simply trusting what you are being told, you get to leverage the information in a ways that enable you to actually apply it towards your own Wealth Growth and Optimization Strategy.

At Excelstra, we believe in the power of connections. We have established strong partnerships in various industries, including property, business and other types of “outside of the box” investments, to provide you with exclusive opportunities and access to valuable resources.  Additionally, our team is well-versed in tax submission processes, ensuring that your financial affairs are handled efficiently and compliantly.  Using the Wealth Freedom Formula most of our business owner clients save upwards of 40% in Tax, year-over-year.  Individuals have also saved up to 50% Tax on their portfolios and future income streams.

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  • Ellen W.

    November 9, 2019 - 2:09 am

    “Eunicia is all about doing the right thing for her clients. The program is spot on in helping individuals have a clear path to reaching their financial independence goals.”

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